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Title: Light A Light
Author: [ profile] sternel
Rating: PG
Warnings: dystopia, AU, memory alteration
Word Count: 6,500
Summary: Ever since the discovery of the indigenous plant on Beta Capricorn that was developed into Reassignment, strife and disagreement have been relics of Earth’s savage religious past. Most people don’t even think about those days anymore

Dr. Leonard McCoy is about to meet one man who does, and it’s going to change everything.

Prompt: Dystopian World fic! In a society where Christmas has been banned there are still those who work to keep its spirit alive. But is the price of discovery - reeducation or death - worth the risk? Jim thinks so, but Leonard isn't sure. I'm not opposed to Jim being captured and re-educated. That sounds deliciously angsty to me. We could even go all the way and turn this into some good ole H/C, with Leonard taking care of Jim afterwards and trying to restore him to what he once was.

A/N: A huge thank you to my darling Vhary, who graciously allowed me to borrow the universe she’s created for her original fiction for this story. I hope I’ve done it justice, Vhary. This is all yours.
Jim’s carol is “I Wonder as I Wander.”
Lia Burke appeared in several of Diane Duane’s pro TOS novels. I apologize for the character assassination, DD!
Thank you to [ profile] seanchaidh for the beta. She suggests spiking your eggnog and getting some kleenix.

Light A Light )

Masterpost on [ profile] space_wrapped
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Title: Comfort and Joy
Author[personal profile] sternel 
Rating: PG
Warnings: abuse of Dickens, ghosts, character death (after a fashion)
Word Count: 12,500ish
Disclaimer: All hail Roddenberry, Paramount, and the various people & corporate bodies who aren't me.
Summary“What are you going to measure your life in, Leonard?  Surgeries performed?  Eviscerating letters to the editor drafted?  The number of times you’ve snapped at Chapel in an afternoon?  All the chances you missed seeing your daughter?  The number of times you’ve pushed Kirk away when all he wanted was to make sure you’re all right?”  This is the story of a Christmas Eve.

A/N:  For [community profile] space_wrapped’s 2010’s2010 prompt #54:  A Christmas Carol-Trek style.  I’m glad somebody beat me to this prompt, because I was going to suggest it and instead I was able to write it. 
 Massive thank-yous to [ profile] athena4lynn , [ profile] seanchaidh , & [ profile] hetrez  for reading, thoughtful discussion, and being awesome, and [ profile] nnaylime  for the best LOC beta job in the Alpha Quadrant..  “A Christmas Carol” was originally written by Charles Dickens, whom I hope does not mind all the liberties I took with his plot, or that I borrowed some of his words for my Marley.    Christmas carol lyrics quoted include “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen,” a traditional carol; & “Sleep Well, Little Children,” by A. Bergman, L. Klatzkin, c 1956.  “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” is by Clement Clarke Moore, first published in 1823.

I ended up  with a mix of songs that I played during the writing of this story, which you can find here.



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