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Title: Whither Thou
Author: [ profile] sternel
Artists: [ profile] solara1357, [ profile] cruixe_chan
Series: ST: Enterprise
Characters/Pairings: Archer/T’Pol, Tucker, Phlox, OC
Rating: PG
Warnings: minor character death, AU, spoilers for ep. 3.08“Twilight”
Word Count: 26,200
Summary: Sometimes it was easier to imagine that Vulcan had been destroyed along with Earth. That her entire world was here: This house, this dog, this man.

It was easier than acknowledging that her entire world – house, dog, man – was hers by choice. Her choice: one that could not be undone, one that was driven by forces beyond herself. Sometimes she told herself it was not really a choice at all, but the only option available.

Sometimes she even believed it.

This is the story of everything that happened before breakfast.

Notes: I never used to think of myself as an Enterprise fan, but in the last year or so I have fallen hard for this little show, and I think it deserved far better than it got from Berman and Braga. There was a lot of potential that never got realized, but episodes like Twilight did some amazing things, and it was a hell of a lot of fun to play with it. I owe Mike Sussman huge props for a great writing job, and for sharing all the little tidbits from filming that then made their way to Memory Alpha for me to contemplate.

This is my first Big Bang and probably the longest single work I have actually gotten to a postable state, and there’s a few people who have a lot of my thanks for that, in no particular order: Vhary, Stephanie, [ profile] seanchaidh and [ profile] athena4lynn, who were cheerleaders and encouragers and let me bounce ideas off of them and were around for late-night chats when I felt like I’d never have another good idea, as well as being outstanding beta readers. Nemaio
to all of you, and <3!

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